He completed his university education in Statistics Department. Later, he completed his master’s degree in Business Administration Department. During high school and college years, he participated in various concerts, festivals, programs and competitions as a drummer with various groups and musicians. In 2010, she worked with drummer Ugur Dogruyol at the Rhythm drum workshop (

The Modern Music Academy ( is entitled to enter a certain amount of scholarship into the Drum Certificate Program. During this training period, he studied Berklee College of Music curriculum, Power Bashar Gülle with Harmony, Ear Traning, Arrangement and Basic Keyboard. Berke Özgümüş, Tercan Şener and Emre Yıldız with Drum Techniques, Drum Styles and Nota Okuma, Cem Konuk and Esemble, Jazz Esemble, İlter Kalkancı and Çağdaş Özmen, Live Performance Workshop and Doruk Somunkıran and Music Technologies.

He participated in seminars and workshops of many local and foreign musicians (Berke özgümüş, ferid Odman, Benny Greb, Mark guilana). He successfully completed the Modern Music Academy and earned the Ministry of Education’s “Master Instructor” certificate. She finished the certificate program and the Berklee program. He worked with DoğaçTitiz for 3 months. Bahçeşehir University continues his education with Cem Aksel in the jazz department. He is currently recording albums, live performances and projects with various groups, artists and musicians.